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I’ve had my iPhone 4 for about about 10 months, and, so far I haven’t dropped it and smashed the screen…

Unfortunately, even with my treating it like a baby, things are starting to fail.

First, the home button became unresponsive, which was highly irritating. Apple’s solution was turn on Touch Assist, which puts a software version of the home button on the screen, or, pay them $200 for a refurbished iPhone 4. I chose to purchase a new home button from iFixit for $15 and replace it myself. Awesome. No problem.

Fast forward a month. One morning I notice that even after a whole night on charge, it’s not past 50%. Oh buggery, (I think), I bet the battery monitoring system has raised some health exception and the iPhone has chosen to limit its charge so it doesn’t explode in my pocket. Looks like it’s time for a new battery. However, I thought I would try a ‘hard reset’ first, to see what happens. Keep in mind, that at this stage, the iPhone has not raised any information to the user, even if connected in iTunes. According to iTunes and the iPhone, everything is hunky dory, except it won’t charge past 50%.

Anyway, after the hard reset (hold down the power button and the home button until it powers off), it’s happily charging past 60% as I write this.

What’s going on Apple? Is the battery still good or not?